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Bullet-Resistant Backpack - Anti-Theft Backpack + NJIIIA Ballistic Plate

Anti theft USB/AUX Smart Backpack + NJIIIA steel plate. The plates are 10x12" and 2.3 mm thick. They slide perfectly into any laptop sleeve while still allowing space for a laptop.

Associated cables included, I also have black and grey backpacks available. Please specify if you’d like a certain color.

Current laws in the United states forbid a concealed carry or other means of defense on school campus's and other public spaces; this product bundle is truly the best alternative and the most affordable life insurance policy in the instance of a disastrous event at such places.


It is important to remember that nothing is "bulletproof" and that there are many variables at play which allow any type of armor to stop a given object. There will always be danger in these types of situations.
We will only sell armor to law-abiding adults who have no felony convictions, and are not involved with criminal organizations.
Residents of Connecticut are prohibited from buying Body Armor. We will only ship to states where Body Armor is allowed, please know your local and federal laws prior to purchasing. By purchasing, you agree to this and all terms listed on this page.
By purchasing you assume all risks of use or misuse, and agree not to hold us liable in any way. In addition, YOU are responsible to ensure that your ballistic panels are properly inserted and installed.
I assume NO liability once product has left my control.